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This page describes the MPLS Divisional Office organisational chart.

Head of Division: Sam Howison. EA to the Head of Division is Rachel Dahl.

Divisional Registrar: Tracy Gale. Office Administrator Sophie Campbell reports to the Divisional Registrar.

Four people have dotted line reporting to the Divisional Registrar. They are:

  • Head of Research Services, Science Area: Dan Blakey
  • Head of Development: Hannah Curwell-Parry (currently on maternity leave)
  • Divisional Financial Controller: Jeremy Sims
  • HR Team Leader: Colette O'Shaughnessy

Six senior officers are directly line managed by the Divisional Registrar:

  • Academic HR Team Leader: Gwen Booth
  • Head of Strategic Planning and Projects: Keri Dexter (Team includes Communications, Public Engagement with Research, and Information Security & Data Protection)
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager: Daisy Hung
  • Head of Education Policy and Planning: Anne Vallins-Hooper (Team includes Academic Office, Graduate Office, Training & Enterprise, and Teaching & Supervision)
  • Head of Innovation and Business Partnerships: Murray Gardner (interim)
  • Head of Research Support: Martin Edmunds