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Terms of Reference

GPC agreed in October 2015 that an MPLS Experimental Sciences Safety Forum (ESSF) should be convened regularly, chaired by a senior active researcher in MPLS (on behalf of the Head of Division). This grouping of health and safety experts would provide the Head of Division with assurance and evidence to answer confidently the question “How do you know MPLS provides a safe working environment for its staff, students, and visitors?”. Specifically, the ESSF responsibilities include the following:

A. An opportunity to share best practice across departments and to use consistent approaches and tools where appropriate.

B. Formal dissemination of biennial HASMAP findings across departments.

C. Reporting to the division – providing a mechanism to assure the Head of Division that their duties in H&S are being delivered. The ESSF will report regularly to GPC, and provide an annual report on H&S in the Division.

D. The ESSF should have oversight of implementation of the other recommendations from the 2014 Health and Safety Management Review.

E. Membership to include all ASOs from across MPLS, and DSOs from Engineering Science and Biology. The MSD preclinical ASO is invited (but not mandated) to attend.

F. Estates representative.

G. DSOs from non-experimental departments are invited (but not mandated) to attend.