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Enterprising Oxford is a University of Oxford initiative to help encourage and promote entrepreneurship across Oxfordshire. An easily accessible way for users to find out about and to take advantage of any local entrepreneurship events and training, and to encourage more multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial collaboration.

Enterprising oxford
What does it mean to be enterprising? Why should someone focussed on a career in research and academia be interested? What is ‘impact’ and how is it related to enterprise? How do scientific ideas get to market? Are there any events or training courses that can help me? What about social and cultural enterprises?
These are all questions to which we will help you find answers, with the exciting online resource, Enterprising Oxford, developed by the Mathematical, Physical and Life Science Division and the Entrepreneurship and Skoll Centres at the Said Business School and now University and Oxfordshire- wide.
With a strong emphasis on local resources and upcoming events, Enterprising Oxford is a gateway for students and researchers to learn the basics of enterprise, from impact to intellectual property, to setting up a business or social venture, and lots of other things in-between. You can find out how enterprising skills could be relevant to you and your career, with inspiring case studies, events and training from across the Oxford community.
The Entrepreneurship 101 section is for anyone who wants to see what entrepreneurship is about  -  and no, it’s not all Dragon’s Den! There are more hands-on activities and articles for those who have already started to Explore and Build their ideas, and plenty of Support and Opportunities for those who are already enterprising and want to go further
Check it out and make sure you sign up for the newsletter, which will keep you informed about upcoming entrepreneurship events and new resources. We are still investigating what works best, so do get in touch if you have any feedback, via the Feedback Survey.