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MPLS offers opportunities for any of our students, researchers and staff to become more informed and active in the Oxford Entrepreneurial ecosystem through a series of Enterprise courses and events.

Mpls enterprise development programme 1

MPLS Enterprising Researcher development programme

MPLS has designed a programme of courses and events which use Enterprise as a forum for developing research skills and Research as a way of highlighting all that enterprise might offer. STEM academics increasingly need to be able to demonstrate impact, attract funding, collaborate and communicate with commercial partners whilst creating new avenues to explore.

The MPLS programme offers you ways to develop these skills by combining a progressive series of half day and 1-day workshops with a variety of seminars, networking events and activities supporting you to participate in national and international competitions.

There are three essential elements:  LEARN – EXPLORE - BUILD

The courses operate with dual strands: to help you develop those essential researcher skills whilst exploring enterprise in settings from academic to corporate to entrepreneurship. You will be able to learn techniques and facts about enterprise, to explore those skills you wish to develop and finally to be able to roadmap how to build on this foundation through identifying impact in your research, accessing competitions and networks or even incubating your own start-up.

The enterprise programme covers many aspects highlighted on the Researcher Development Framework (RDF).