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Singapore Space Challenge is an annual national competition designed to spark interest in the younger generation in space research, technology, and development. It challenges students aged 15-24 to come up with creative solutions to an existing real world problem and to develop a mission proposal for its execution. Mentored by industry professionals through a series of workshops and contact sessions, participants will build up core competencies required for a successful mission design and have the opportunity to work with luminaries in their field. Additionally, participants will also have the opportunity to conduct site visits to cutting-edge research labs at both academic institutions and commercial companies.

The challenge for this year is to design an Earth Observation Satellite system that can be used to support disaster management in the equatorial region and the grand prize for the champion team will be SGD$10,000.

See the SSC 2018 poster and SSC 2018 mission statement for more information.

More details about this competition can also be found on the SSC website at