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Proposed actions

Success measure / timescales


Progress update

Athena Swan Toolkit & Data Hub 

(Short Term) 

Development of toolkit documents with instructions and recommendations, and share all department submissions and review panel feedback. 

Collect and share data from individual MPLS departments to allow each department to benefit and learn from one another. 

Work with MPLS comms team to explore creating a dedicated MPLS page that collates all initiatives and activities, to be promoted internally and externally.   

Collation of internal documents, examples, case studies by MT21. 

Further support will be supplied once Advance HE have released their updated applications – timescales to be updated on receipt.  

Led by MPLS Athena Swan Coordinators.  

Advance HE is planning to release updated applications in spring/summer 21, so the toolkit documents will initially focus on internal data gathering rather than specific application advice given the pending changes. 

Will be hosted as part of the ED&I Knowledge Hub (see cross-cutting actions.  

[Updated Sept 21] In development, will be part of the ED&I Knowledge Hub which is being launched in January 2022.  

Part-time and job-share for research contracts 

(Medium Term) 

Develop creative solutions that can enable such part-time contracts to work in research environments.  TBU

Engineering had previously worked with a college to advertise an academic post with the option of PT.  

Problem: some funding bodies only give funding for a given time limit - usually 3-4 years for postdocs. This may prohibit appointing people part time, unless you find 2 people that are willing to job share (which may be challenging to do).  

Ensure that where job-share/PT positions are possible then they are advertised as such.


Recognition of Distinction/Promotion

(Medium Term) 

A transparent survey of the promotion barriers.   TBU Emphasise the importance of good citizenship (particularly ED&I work) and good group leadership/line management in promotion documentation and assessment.  TBU