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Proposed actions

Success measure / timescales


Progress update

Review divisional forms and communications to ensure inclusive language 

(Short Term) 

Develop feasible plan to review divisional/departmental communications and key documents to improve language to be more inclusive (e.g. remove requests for titles where unnecessary or provide gender-neutral option).  TBU Working group members to prepare a practical plan to action this. For example, this could include an ED&I session for comms officers; comprehensive review of all departmental webpages (and comparing their ED&I sections); it could involve identifying which documents/guidance should be prioritised, etc.   [Updated Sept 21] All webpages hosted my MPLS Divisional Office have been reviewed and updated. Further update requested from Working Group in MT21 ED&I Steering Group meeting. 

Gender Neutral Toilets 

(Short term) 

Toilet facilities (specifying disabled and gender-inclusive) are listed in the Access Guide for most buildings. 

Publicly publish an audit of locations of gender neutral toilets in divisional buildings.

Confidence from trans staff and students about buildings they can access facilities safely  TBU

Fieldwork Risk Assessments 

(Medium term) 

Add a checkbox to travel risk assessments: ‘what are the risks to LGBTQIA+ participants due to local laws/attitudes?’ Provide guidance to departmental safety officers on where to look up this information, e.g. ILGA data and world map and the Pride Field Network. 

Ensure travel risks for LGBTQIA people (including conferences) are a topic in MPLS PI trainings, e.g. ‘so you want to be a PI’ and ‘leading a productive research group.’ 

Less experiences of harassment in the field, more diverse groups attending fieldwork. Accountability for project leaders for managing risks relating to the safety of LGBTQIA+ students and staff during fieldwork.  [Updated Sept 21] Initial review of fieldwork risk assessments being undertaken. 

Supporting future Trans Reports 

(Medium term) 

The Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign published a Report on Transgender Experience and Transphobia in 2018. MPLS was strongly under-represented in participation. 

Advertise surveys and focus groups for the 2021 Trans Report when they begin. 

Having more MPLS specific data to refine actions in the coming years.  Financial contribution to trans report if applicable.

Feature to report breaches of data security after name changes 

(Medium term) 

Create a document held on MPLS website explaining who to contact in for privacy breaches where a deadname is revealed. Link a new section to the EDU name-change advice page to allow people to report breaches.  

Inform departments on the importance and expected timeline to implement a change in all systems. 

Initial use of the reporting tool, and eventual declines in number of reported privacy breaches  The EDU hosts a page of advice on changes to name and gender records