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Proposed actions

Success measures / timescales


Progress update

Race Awareness Training 

(Short Term) 

Decide on an approach to monitor take-up of the existing online 'tackling race bias at work' module and ensure that staff complete the training.  

Review whether more is needed to supplement or follow-up on this training. 

Wider review of ED&I training and recommended approach to be completed by MT21.   This action is being progressed by the cross-cutting Training Working Group plan. The question really is how to encourage staff to engage with the training.   [Updated Sept 21] Wider discussions underway in ED&I team about delivery of training, including race awareness. 

Black History Month Event 

(Short Term) 

Collaborate with key networks and groups across the division to develop a programme of activity across October.  Successful programme of events completed by Oct 21.  This will likely be progressed by the proposed ED&I Events Working Group, in collaboration with key networks.  [Updated Sept 21] Programme of events being planned for October 2021. Black History Month webpage created 

BIPOC and BAME Mentorship Scheme

(Medium Term) 

Support the BIPOC STEM Network in the development of their planned mentorship programme.  

Support expansion of programme where needed. For instance: the inclusion of undergraduates, promotion and recruitment for scheme, career/welfare events and training. Also support the remuneration of mentors.     

First mentorship conversations happening during HT21. 

Funding for BIPOC for this term already granted, with plans to work closely with them to develop their ideas further.  

ISSUE: Limited number of BAME mentors could lead to overburden on some of the people we want to help. Potential to include white allies.  

[Updated Sept 21] Pilot programme being developed, ready for advertising in HT21 and launch in TT22.