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Call for Parent Ambassadors for STEM

Are you a parent with a child enrolled in a primary school in Oxfordshire?

Do you have a background or interest in science or maths?

Would you like to engage other parents with supporting their kids in science and maths?


We are looking for volunteers to participate as parent ambassadors for the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division’s new pilot ‘Parents for STEM Futures’ project aimed at parent engagement.  Volunteers can be current staff and students, alumni, or others affiliated with the University (e.g. Oxford Newcomers’ Club members who are partners of University staff/students).                                                

This project aims to support parents of primary school children in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects by giving them information and tools for bringing maths and sciences into the home, supporting and encouraging their children (particularly girls and those from underrepresented ethnic communities) to explore these areas, and helping to counter societal stereotypes and myths about who ‘belongs’ in STEM.                    

We have produced a digital and print resource for parents that includes profiles of inspiring role models, and activities for parents to do with their kids at home that emphasise the creativity in STEM subjects.  Parent ambassadors will be asked to engage other parents over the course of 2017, specifically to (1) organise an event in their child(ren)’s primary school that helps to bring this resource to life, and (2) deliver a presentation or event to parents at a different primary school that is assigned by MPLS.  Types of events to be organised have been purposefully left open to be tailored to local contexts and needs, but can include presentations at PTA meetings or coffee mornings, after school science/maths activity demonstrations, linking to an existing STEM related school event and including a parent component, etc.

A training session will be delivered by MPLS for parent ambassadors, and participants will be supported throughout the programme and potentially partnered with current Oxford STEM Ambassadors with experience delivering STEM events in schools.

If you are interested in joining us as a parent ambassador, please fill out the form found here.  If you would like to discuss this opportunity or have any questions, please contact Daisy Hung at or 01865 282464.