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All PGR communications related to Covid-19 that have been sent out by the MPLS Division and by student representatives can be found in this section.

Please keep track of any disruption caused to your studies as a result of COVID-19 using the MPLS PGR Student Log Template.

COVID-19  Additional Academic Support – Supporting Students to Submission - MPLS Transfer, Confirmation and Submission Guidance


Please use the links below to view the communications.


14 May 2020 - MPLS Communication to PGRs

14 April 2020 - MPLS Communication to PGRs

27 March 2020 – MPLS Communication to PGRs 

20 March 2020 – MPLS Communication to PGRs





08 April 2020 Email update from Ben Fernando

02 April 2020 Postgraduate Student Council Email

20 March 2020 – MPLS PGR Representatives Email





main University Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice and updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice and support for students - FAQs