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Volunteers needed: MPLS Student Council

Dear all,

I hope you are keeping well. Over the last few weeks I have spoken to students across the nine MPLS departments to hear your thoughts on the current situation. I’m pleased that many of you are getting used to remote working and a very different routine to that which we are used to; but am also aware that many of you are growing increasingly anxious about deadlines and funding. Please be assured that these concerns have been passed on to the Division and they are working hard to address them.

One thing that has become clear from these discussions is the need for a more structured or guided way of maintaining social contact, with significant differences in the way that different groups and departments are running things. To this end, we have decided to establish the MPLS Postgraduate Student Council, to coordinate some of these activities. We are now in the process of recruiting volunteer coordinators for this.

Objective: to organise and coordinate divisional‐wide social events for PGR and PGT students, in addition to those organised by individual groups or departments, and to help share ideas between departmental groups

Membership: between one and three students from each department or sub‐department (plus the DTC)

Activities: highly dependent on the interests of volunteer coordinators! Everything from remote outreach work in schools to inter‐department video games competitions

Funding: some will be provided

Time Commitment: whatever you can spare, but coordinators will all be expected to be active and engaged; and ought be a readily available sympathetic ear for students who need someone to talk to

Training: None required; though some coordinators with experience of peer support would be helpful.

To volunteer: please email me ( by 6pm BST on Sunday, 5 April, with an idea of what you would like to contribute

Best wishes

Ben Fernando

Postgraduate Representative on the MPLS Board