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Dear MPLS DPhil Students,

We hope that you are all doing as well as can be expected in the current circumstances and are in good spirits. You have no doubt been keeping up to date with University/Divisional/Departmental information on COVID-19, and the MPLS rep team and I are feeding into these discussions where necessary.

On Wednesday we attended the first weekly emergency meeting of the MPLS Graduate School Committee to emphasise the needed for clear communication relating to PGR students, and today will attend the Students’ Union response meeting. We are also in regular contact with the student representatives in each MPLS department. You should have received information from the University and the Division this afternoon. Please let us know if you don’t receive this information.

Whilst it is unlikely that many of your questions (e.g. those regarding possible extra funding or extensions) can be answered immediately, we wanted to reassure you that you can at any time get in contact with your course reps to raise questions or concerns which you feel might otherwise be missed.

You can find a list of the course reps for each MPLS department below who you can contact, or failing that you are welcome to contact us directly [ or]. Please include 'COVID-19 GJCF' in the subject title of emails. We will collate and pass your queries to the relevant people, or signpost as appropriate.

Maths: Candida Botwell (

Physics: Oliver Karnbach (

Materials: Benjamin Evans (provisional,

Stats: Roman Stasinski ( and Emilia Pompe (

Chemistry: Isabel Creed (

Plants: Laura Clark (

Earth Sciences: Annika Voigt (

Engineering Science: Mohamed Abdallah Reza (

Zoology: Anke Kloock (

NERC DTP: David Benz (

Computer Science: Matthew Katzam (

OUSU Vice-President (Graduates): Neil Misra (

Best wishes,

Ben Fernando & Abdallah Reza

MPLS Postgraduate Representatives