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The University collaborates with many companies worldwide, from multi-nationals to local start-ups. Collaborative industry projects at Oxford University are just that – collaborative, as we find this helps to ‘ground’ the research and maximise the value to both parties.

Collaborative research projects

Many companies, large or small, benefit from developing long-lasting relationships with research groups in relevant fields.  Companies derive value from new ideas, specific knowledge, access to world-class facilities and the ability to collaborate with colleagues. Our researchers are adept at helping companies address specific issues or explore possibilities, and can bring new research directions to areas of strategic importance.  Researchers enjoy the challenge and stimulation of working with industrial partners on interesting problems and making an impact in the world.  The experience helps their research group stay current with industrial practices and can also inform the development of teaching materials.

Collaborations can range in length (typically months to years) and in the seniority of the researchers involved (e.g. post graduate students, post-doctoral workers) but in all cases, the research is conducted under the expert supervision of one or more leading members of faculty and we seek the active involvement of the sponsoring company (including staff secondments either way).

The University actively encourages its academics to take part in industry collaborations and provides support at all stages in developing the relationship and supporting the collaboration. Assistance is offered within the University by way of a dedicated corporate partnering team, to help facilitate relationships, and other professional personnel to conduct contractual negotiations pragmatically and efficiently.

For more information please contact the Industrial Research Partnerships team or complete their enquiry form.