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A number of research groups and departments offer a range of open access opportunities whereby companies can access the latest thinking and facilities to address particular issues.

Open access collaborations

Examples include the following:

  • In the 1960s, Oxford mathematicians pioneered 'Maths-in-industry' study groups, which have since spread worldwide and continue to be used at OCIAM (the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics). Study Groups bring together leading mathematicians and industry researchers in an intensive workshop environment to explore a set of problems defined by the participating companies.
  • The Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics acts as a hub for study groups, and more information is available here. Many companies have also sponsored MSc. student projects in mathematics, which have proved a very useful mechanism for applying mathematical insights to real-world problems.
  • Oxford Materials Characterisation Services provides industry with materials characterisation and analysis services, based on the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of the Department of Materials. It specialises in surface and near-surface analysis of solid materials and thin film structures, particularly metals, semiconductors, composites, biomaterials, polymers, ceramics, and archaeological materials. It also provides a consultancy and problem-solving service for the investigation of materials and materials-related problems.

For more information please contact the Industrial Research Partnerships team or complete their enquiry form.