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A group photo of participants in the Oxford-Berlin Initiative

Decarbonization and Digitalization of Energy Systems, as well as the future of the Digital Grid, were the topics of the trilateral R&D Workshop between 20 TU Berlin researchers, 7 University of Oxford professors and 50 Siemens colleagues from Smart Infrastructures, Gas & Power and Corporate Technology on July 2nd.  Held at the Entrepreneurship Center at Siemensstadt Berlin, the more than a dozen presentations, discussions and insights ranged from Grid Flexibility, System View, Grid Digitalization to Intelligent Grid Technologies.   

Workshops were organised by Andy Gilchrist (MPLS IRP), Hayri Goeke (TU Berlin) and Ilaria Carrara Cagni (Siemens). 

Prof Alastair Buchan (Pro-VC OX/Ber initiative) gave opening remarks and 3 SS researchers (Nick Eyre, Philipp Grunewald (both ECI) and Johanness Kester (TSU)) attended together with 4 MPLS Professors (Malcolm McCulloch, Dan Rogers, Paul Goulart and David Wallom (all Engineering Science).  

The Workshop more than achieved its aims of building links and identifying potential areas for collaborative research.

Alastair Buchan and Andy Gilchrist participated in meetings on 3 July to develop actions from the workshop and then to understand the possibilities around the new Siemensstadt development. They then met the Berlin Agency for Business and Technology, a source of potential support for inward investment (ie for Oxford’s researchers and spin-outs)

For more information on this workshop, or any aspect the Oxford-Berlin initiative please contact Dr Andy Gilchrist -