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Regional officers from the Ministry of Education, Sciences and Technological Research in Sarawak (Borneo, Malaysia) and the General Manager of the Sarawak Research and Development Council (SRDC) were hosted by the Chemistry department in late February. The ministers met with colleagues in Chemistry to discuss potential collaborations and access to the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre’s natural product library for drug discovery.

In addition, they also met with colleagues in Plant Sciences and Geography who have a particular interest in forest ecosystem management and tree genomics.

The list of visitors includes:

  • Mr Michael Manyin Jawong, Minister
  • Dr Annuar Rapaee, Assistant Minister
  • Mr William Patrick Nyigor, Permanent Secretary
  • Dr Abdul Rahman Deen, Deputy Permanent Secretary
  • Asha Devi Kaushal, Assistant Secretary
  • Dr Azhar Ahmad, Director, State Education Department, Sarawak
  • Prof Peter Morin NIssom, General Manager, Sarawak Research and Development Council 

For further details please contact Dr Murray Gardner in the Industry Research Partnerships Team at