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The University of Oxford in collaboration with UIDP is hosting a three-day summit in Oxford, UK. This event will bring together global businesses, top universities and leading policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic to explore new and better ways to partner.

The phrase “Triple Helix” has been around for a long time, but the relationship between government, universities, and industry has never had such urgent attention as it does now. All countries wrestle with the question of how to take knowledge generated and developed in their best universities and harness it for the good of the economy and society through technology transfer and collaboration with global businesses.

Though all sectors approach this problem in different ways, we have a greater understanding than ever of just how complex this landscape is and what works in order to best direct resources.

The UIDP has done substantive work in this area and developed a strategic set of metrics that can be evaluated and customized for use by individual organizations. This event will consider these metrics, and how they can be applied.

Key Themes

Summit sessions will:

  • Compare approaches, for finding collectible, telling metrics between jurisdictions and companies seeking to understand best practice and develop actionable questions for UIDP to take forward.
  • Uncover examples of and opportunities for the use of AI and learn from each other as we increasingly understand the complexity and scale of the underlying data, and begin to turn to AI and machine learning solutions to extract meaning and consider action.
  • Share company leaders’ experiences of new models to develop global partnerships and engagement with research institutions as shifting global structures prompt them to consider how to intelligently prepare for the future.

Apply by Feb. 22, 2019.
You must apply to register. Selected applicants will receive a registration link and payment details.

Oxford UIDP Summit Agenda Highlights

The agenda is still being developed but Summit sessions will:

General interest sessions

  • What has changed in the last 5 years? Perspectives from the USA, Canada,
    and Europe
  • Metrics for Decision Making Are metrics just for measuring – how do businesses use metrics to make decisions? How do you measure value added?
  • Social Sciences: As we move increasingly to digital net-izen power and 85% of global population will be concentrated in cities where new business models/policies/ trends/technologies can be accelerated, we cannot afford to exclude social science.
  • Globalization Is it the end for the US and the UK as Research Leaders? Will include feedback from the latest UIDP workshop

Short sessions

  • Using AI to make strategic partnering decisions
  • Diversity and inclusion

Breakout Sessions

  • Data companies in the Triple Helix
  • Metrics for decision making
  • Government metrics and their effects
  • How local government impacts business partnering
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Research globalization
  • Innovating consortia models
  • Researcher mobility
  • Workforce and talent development
  • Government and economic development

Sector Networking Tours

  • Automotive Sector
  • Medtech
  • Entrepreneurship