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  1. Open data – NASA Datanaut – Diversity - Last Mile Problem
  2. Design thinking and translation across media-tech-impact sectors
  3. Co-founder of several early tech start-ups (mobile wallet and live mobile betting,) founder of two non-profits: SheCanHackIT (digital literacy for female entrepreneurs), and DATA OASIS (indexing the world's open data archives and sharing best practices).
  4. Best practices: Crowdfunder, Google Launchpad, Unreasonable at Sea and Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator.
  5. Global partnerships

Speaker: Laura A. Edwards– NASA Datanaut 2017, and founder of Data Oasis and

Host: Helena Webb, Senior Researcher, Human Centred Computing, Department of Computer Science.  Projects with Prof Marina Jirotka: RoboTips, UnBias, ReEnTrust, ethical hackaton  

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About the speaker:

Laura is the founder of Data Oasis: an index and global resource hub for open data archives and best practices, and is currently developing SheCanHackIT: a digital literacy lab for women.

She serves on the US State Department’s Technology and Innovation Subcommittee for Public Private Partnerships. Recently, Laura was selected to be a NASA Datanaut and participate in the inaugural cohort of the 14-week TED Residency program in New York City which lead to being short listed for the prestigious Aaron Swartz Fellowship.

Laura has had the opportunity to brand and launch television networks and mobile channels and producing massive live events like the first live broadcast video game competition in the US.

She has served on non-profit boards, and continues to work with tech startups via Crowdfunder, Google Launchpad, Unreasonable at Sea and Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator.