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As part of the EPSRC National Productivity Investment Fund, the Immersive Technologies Summer School will provide students and young researchers with those essential skills required to embrace immersive technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). 

This will be a hands-on 4 day course which includes tutorials and project work. 

All activities will take place at the University of Oxford from Tuesday 27th August to Friday 30th August, 9am-6pm each day. 

After 4 days of this intensive course, attendees will have a basic understand of app development to start independent projects on immersive experiences. The final goal is to develop a software application which will be presented at a showcase event. 

This summer school is primarily targeting postgraduate students, but is open to teams or individuals who fulfil at least one of the two following requirements:

- Work on a research project funded by EPSRC

- Have an idea involving immersive technologies, but lack experience to implement it.

A small fee of £100 is required to provide teaching, course materials and lunches.