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Constructing the Future: AI Building Blocks for Defence and Security

Constructing the Future: AI Building Blocks for Defence and Security

Professor Steven Meers - Head of AI Lab at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

AI has been described as a “potentially transformative national security technology on a par with nuclear weapons, aircraft, computers, and biotech”. Understanding how to responsibly and ethically apply AI to Defence and Security challenges and counter misuse of AI by unethical actors is a critical challenge being addressed by Dstl.

This talk will describe the critical role scientists and engineers play in ensuring AI is adopted in a responsible manner, share current MOD thinking on the threats and opportunities presented by AI and describe a set of “AI building blocks”, a framework being developed by Dstl to ensure a holistic approach to consideration of AI systems. Usage of these “building blocks” will be illustrated using case studies of three S&T projects conducted by Dstl that address different aspects of the system.

Venue: Department of Statistics,

Date: Seminar from 1pm-2pm on Thursday 7 November 2019 (sandwich lunch, coffee and tea from 12.30pm)

Hosted by Rachel Gaw