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The Networked Quantum Technologies (NQIT) and the Satellite Application Catapult are hosting a Hackathon on 15th March in Oxford,.

Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT), the UK quantum computing hub, and the Satellite Applications Catapult are excited to be hosting a Quantum Computing Hackathon on 15th March 2019 in Oxford.

The hackathon will offer participants the opportunity to look into the ways in which quantum computers can be used to address challenges within the space sector and encouraged to apply their coding skills to propose potential solutions.

While you don’t have to have any prior experience of hackathons, the popularity of this event means we have to ask that you have a background in a relevant field (the space sector, mathematical or physical sciences or quantum information processing) while being from an academic, industry or government background. Most importantly, however, we ask that you bring your knowledge, creativity and energy to the day.

As a free event, the day will kick off at 9am through until 5pm and will include free lunch, followed by beer and pizza (!) but please note that we cannot cover your travel or accommodation costs.

This is a great chance to work in a friendly collaborative atmosphere, to learn new skills and to help to develop a road map for an industry-relevant application.