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The HMC Programme demonstrates use cases of an Oxford-AWS research cloud initiative on a high-profile international stage. Through rapid test bed projects, we are demonstrating the first steps towards a longer-term perspective where AWS and Oxford can enable a digital collaboration platform for the international ecosystem, catalysed by Oxford AI initiatives in spacetech, createch, sciencetech, edtech and sustaintech, similar to the Oxford-Singapore AI & HMC endeavour. Conversations are growing with the AWS Cloud Innovation Centre, AWS Institute, AWS Ground Station, the new AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions Division, Kuiper Project, Amazon Studios and Game Studios, AWS Open Data Registry Team and the AWS Prime (Drone) and Alexa (NLP) research centres. 19 test beds benefit from a 5-month rapid project funding, starting in waves (08/2020, 11/2020, 04/2021, 06/2021). 39 Oxford academics and research groups are taking the lead of the cross-divisional test bed projects which are bridging between the MPLS, Humanities, Social Sciences and GLAM (Gardens, Libraries and Museums) Divisions.

Read more about the Test Beds and join the test bed collaborations with your ideas and innovation interests for co-creation. Listen to the relevant Human-Machine Collaboration videos to learn more about the research and innovation topics, industrial and international collaborations.

For further information and the AWS collaboration opportunities, please contact James Semple ( in the Innovation & Business Partnerships Team.