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UK and Singapore share similar ambitions in the UK-Singapore Innovation Partnership Series on Industry 4.0/AI/IoT. The Department for International Trade (DIT), in collaboration with the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), Tech Nation, and IPI, have organised a virtual trade mission from 6-12 May 2021. 10 UK companies will be at this mission to explore collaboration opportunities with you. These companies offer products and services ranging from surveillance sensors, IoT security, AI, and Robotics solutions. The University of Oxford was selected to create a virtual trade profile with the Oxford - Singapore Human-Machine Collaboration Programme. Four more places were secured by Oxford connected companies: Navenio, Zegami, Oxtractor and Singular Intelligence.

More information on the UK-Singapore Innovation Partnership Series on Industry 4.0/AI/IoT and UK Company Profiles


Another significant Investment Pillar activity is the production of a video series: AI & HMC (9 episodes) and AI & Spacetech (13 episodes). Over 60 speakers are attracted to this Oxford discourse: Oxford academics, US, Singapore, Japan, Australia, UAE university representatives, tech giants, space giants, VC investors, high-growth deeptech, spacetech, govtech companies, AI, robotics, space agencies of the international partners. The series is organised by the Innovation and Business Partnerships team with commercial network support from Prof Greg Autry, and video production support from Pomona Pictures. This is an industrial partnerships and international business development initiative which can attract grant application cooperations, contracted research and foreign direct investment opportunities to the ecosystem collaborators. 

Videos are now live on the Human-Machine Collaboration Video Series webpage.