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Test bed description

Team ORIon is the University of Oxford's autonomous robotics competition team, led from the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI). ORIon is led by ORI DPhil students, supported by ORI academic staff, postdocs and engineers. The team competes in international, high-profile competitions focussing on autonomous robots for domestic human support, such as RoboCup@Home and the World Robot Summit's Service Robotics category. ORIon works on a Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR), a platform designed by Toyota specifically for human-machine collaboration, and on application tasks specially designed to support humans in domestic settings, such as unpacking shopping, clearing a room, or greeting visitors. Expertise within the team includes computer vision, motion planning for manipulation, mission planning for long-term behaviour, and semantic mapping. The team also plays a crucial role in education; students are recruited from all years within the MPLS Division, and given practical training in robotics and AI technologies, plus hands-on software and hardware engineering experience

Please contact the Principal Investigators for further information:

Nick Hawes

Ioannis Havoutis

Lars Kunze

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