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Test bed description

Space exploration and colonisation are in our DNA and form an existential part of the human endeavour. Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Cloud Computing are rapidly becoming key enablers of cross-disciplinary breakthroughs, promoting the rapid discovery and utilisation of new materials, systems and methodologies which can facilitate future robotic/human space exploration.

There are already large quantities of laboratory-generated experimental data, as well as the corresponding computational modelling data, and these underpin future development of all aspects of hardware and software for space exploration and colonisation. However, this vast amount of data is neither uniformly formatted nor easily accessible to allow for seamless automation and robotisation. The goal of this test bed is to demonstrate that Oxford’s Impact Engineering Laboratory has the required resources and connections to embark on a successful global collaborative mission to streamline and unite the data and methodologies needed to underpin future research in the space sector.

PIs: Nik Petrinic, Daniel Eakins

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