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Test bed description

The global media industry has witnessed significant transformations in the past five years. Regions outside the USA have begun to prosper while non-traditional production companies such as Netflix and Amazon have assumed a larger market share. In view of the new transnational nature of the cultural and entertainment industry, and the technological transformation of the film industry influenced by sectors such as television, animation, games and software, there is an opportunity for the University of Oxford to develop a test bed focusing on the intersection of media and technology, and also involving the University's Gardens, Libraries and Museums Division (GLAM), which has a strong track record in digital innovation. The aim is to engage proactively with the film industry’s current transformation and new digital and creative trends, bringing together key teams and research groups at Oxford (e.g. GLAM digital collections, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision), and UK SMEs in the Oxford-Singapore Human-Machine Collaboration Programme. Media sector customers of AWS, and the international film, TV, gaming and software partners engaged by the University, enable us to engage with the latest creative industrial interests and requirements which can inform the Oxford developments and help to develop sector specific collaborations.

Please contact the Principal Investigator for further information:

Helen Adams

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