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Please read these notes before completing the Application Form.

The Lockey Committee considers applications for grants for attendance at overseas scientific conferences, symposia, etc by academic and research staff who hold a doctorate and are members of Congregation (although applications may be considered from postdoctoral research workers etc. who are not members of Congregation).

Maximum grants are:

     Europe, £500
     Rest of the World £1,000
     Aggregated four-year total £1,500

Applications should be submitted by the end of 7th week, to the Secretary to the Lockey Committee, for consideration BEFORE the conference for which the grant is needed takes place.


1.       Purposes for which grants are made

1.1     To qualify for support from the Lockey Committee, a conference or workshop, must involve the dissemination of research results rather than the planning of future projects. The meeting should be open rather than restricted to a small number of people by special invitation only (invitation by an international programme committee or similar is regarded as open in this context). Applicants are asked to provide details if they are proposing to attend summer schools or workshops.

1.2     The committee does not provide funds for taught courses (either for teachers or students).

1.3     It is the committee's practice to make awards for the purpose of attending conferences even when the applicant is not delivering a paper, because conference attendance is of benefit to the University.

1.4     Funding is not given for travel within the U.K. or for visits abroad to conduct or plan research.

1.5     The committee does not provide funding for video conference links.


2.       Eligibility

2.2     Grants from the Lockey Bequest are limited "to the interest of science" without regard to faculty membership. The Lockey Committee will consider applications from all departments/units in the MPLS and MS Divisions.

2.2     The committee does not make grants to research students or to applicants who, although they hold a fellowship or research assistantship post, have not yet submitted their doctoral thesis. (Members of Congregation who do not hold a doctorate are nonetheless eligible.)

2.3          When funds are insufficient to support all applicants they are categorised, in the following order of priority:

Category (i): applications from members of Congregation;

Category (ii): applications from those who are not members of Congregation and who have not received grants from the Lockey Committee in the four-year qualifying period (see below, clause 3);

Category (iii): applications from those who are not members of Congregation and who have received grants in the four-year qualifying period.

After the allocation of grants to those in Category (i) remaining funds are allocated to those in Category (ii). Any funds remaining after this allocation are allocated to those in Category (iii). If, in any successive case, the funds are insufficient for the allocation, the grant will be reduced to the funds available.

2.4     Staff on one-year contracts are eligible for grants.

2.5     Full time members of staff without a doctorate might be eligible for grants if financial support is being given by their departments.

2.6     Members of staff on sabbatical leave are eligible for grants, but, for those temporarily resident outside the UK, there should be no expectation of grants at the usual regional levels.

2.7     Visiting staff who are NOT paid through the University are not normally eligible for grants

2.8     Visiting overseas lecturers: applications for grants towards travelling expenses of visiting overseas lecturers are considered as category (iv) applications, to be made only when a surplus of funds is available.


3.       Amount of awards, and the four-year qualifying period

3.1          Maximum grants as follows:

Europe, £500

Rest of the World £1,000

Aggregated four-year total £1,500

3.2     The aggregated four-year total includes the current academic year and the three academic years immediately preceding it. 

3.3          Termly allocations of available funds are as follows (as a guideline):

Michaelmas Term: 20% of funds

Hilary Term: 30% of funds

Trinity Term: 45% of funds;

Long vacation: 5% of funds available for distribution by chairman's action.

3.4     The four-year aggregate of support is calculated on the basis of the academic year (starting 1 October) in which a conference is held, not that in which an application is made.


4.       Other applications for funding

4.1     The committee expects applicants to seek funding from elsewhere. Other sources of funding, from which applicants are expected to apply for the maximum amounts available, include the following:

     (a) (where relevant) the agency funding their research;
     (b) the organisers of the conference;
     (c) their department

4.2     The committee sees itself as the last resort for those seeking funds for conference attendance, and it expects normally to meet only a proportion of the total expenses.

4.3     Applicants in the Clinical Medicine Departments are asked to apply for support from the Medical Research Fund if they are eligible to do so. If they have had a grant from that source in the 4-year qualifying period the amount available from the Lockey Committee will be reduced accordingly.

4.4     Conferences which deal with essentially clinical issues rather than general scientific issues are not supported.

4.5     All grants are subject to the outcome of other applications for funding.


5.       Late and retrospective applications

5.1     Retrospective applications are not considered except in exceptional circumstances, when the Chairman agrees that an applicant has made a reasonable case demonstrating the reason why he or she has been unable to meet the deadline for the previous meeting. Such applications are held over but, if funded, are supported at the rate applicable had the application been made on time. (This ensures that two people going to the same meeting are treated the same and avoids the problem of an "on-time" applicant in category 3 being turned down, and a late applicant in the same category getting a grant if more funds are available the following term. The committee pays strict attention to the requirements for considering late applications.)

5.2     Applications should be submitted by the end of 7th week, to the Secretary to the Lockey Committee, for consideration BEFORE the conference for which the grant is needed takes place. Applications for conferences which have already taken place by the 7th week deadline WILL NOT be considered.

5.3     If funds are available, grants may be made during the Long Vacation under Chairman's action.


6.       Other matters relating to applications

6.1     Applications made on old forms are not accepted.

6.2     The notes for applicants ask them to quote reasonable figures for both travel and subsistence, and not to use the maximum approved rates quoted by the University Chest.

6.3     The committee realises that there is at present little guidance for applicants in respect of subsistence rates, but notes that there is an overall safeguard against excessive claims in the form of the four-year aggregate grant.


7.        Application Procedure

7.1     The application form is normally available for downloading from the Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences web-site, together with notes for applicants and the current regional and personal maxima for grants. These materials are also circulated to all departmental administrators in the two divisions, to be made available to applicants.

7.2     The application form available on the web site, and the notes, are the only ones in current use.


8.        Definitions of Regions

8.1    For the purposes of the committee, Israel, Russia, and all those countries bordering on the Mediterranean, are considered to be part of Europe.


9.       From 2005-6 the Lockey Committee no longer received funding from divisions and departments and has had available to it only monies from the Lockey Bequest itself.