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This page provides the content of the Lockey Fund application form, downloadable from the Lockey Fund webpage.

Please read the Lockey Fund guidance notes before completing the form. All questions MUST be answered.

Section A: Applicant details

1.       Family name

2.       Forenames

3.       Title [Professor, Dr, Other]

4.       Department

5.       Telephone number

6.       E-mail address

7.       Are you a member of Congregation? [Yes, No]

8.       If you answered NO to question 7 please complete section 9, if YES go on to 10.

9.             (a)     Title of post

                (b)     Funded by [MRC, EPSRC, Royal Society, Other]

                (c)     Starting date

                (d)     Finishing date

                (e)     Name of Group Leader

                (f)      Do you have a doctorate? [Yes, No]

                (g)     If you answered NO at (f) are you registered for one? [Yes, No]

Section B: Conference details

10.       Title of the conference (in full)

11.        Type of conference [international conference/small meeting/workshop]

12.       Organisation sponsoring conference

13.       Country and town where held

14.       Start Date

15.       End Date

16.       Are you [an invited speaker; giving a talk; presenting a poster; not formally contributing]?

Section C: Finance

17.       How will you travel for the main part of your journey? [air, rail, coach, car]

18        Estimated expenses                                                                                                              

             (a) Travel

             (b) Fees

             (c) Subsistence

             (d) Total

19.       Sum sought from the Lockey Committee

20.       Grants already obtained       

             (a) amount

             (b) awarding body [Department, Research Grant, Royal Society, Other]

21.       Applications pending for this visit (please give details)                                                

             (a) amount

             (b) awarding body [Department, Research Grant, Royal Society, Other]

22.       Grants received from the Lockey Committee in the last four academic years [amount]

23.       Does your funding body provide travel funds? [Yes/No]

24.       Will you use them for this visit? [Yes/No]

25.        If you answered Yes at 23 but No at 24 please say why you will not use funds provided by your funding body for this visit?