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Scheme Overview

MPLS wishes to encourage a higher submission rate of programme grant applications in the division and has therefore set aside money to introduce the ‘Programme Grant Facilitation Fund’.

The MPLS Programme Grant Facilitation Fund offers small awards to support the preparation of large, multi-million, multi-investigator programme grant applications.

Grant applications must be led by an MPLS academic with majority of the programme grant activity within MPLS. The fund is open to all areas of MPLS research.

Single investigator awards (such as an ERC Advanced grant and Royal Society Professorship), EPSRC Strategic Equipment grants, and “business-as-usual” standard grant applications would not be supported by this call. Examples of eligible awards include (but are not limited to) EPSRC Programme grants and BBSRC Strategic Longer and Larger grants. If you are unsure about award eligibility, please contact the MPLS divisional office.

Successful Fund applicants will be expected to share the submitted grant application as a final report.

Support Available

Up to £10k can be requested for administration buy-out, academic teaching buy-out*, and modest travel (when possible) to strengthen collaborations.

*Teaching buy-out must be agreed with departments, and colleges, where appropriate, before an application is submitted.

The award can be used flexibly over the duration of the grant application process (outline and full application stage), but cannot be used to support data generation for grant applications.

How to apply

Applicants must complete and submit their application via the University submission system (IRAMS).

As part of the application you will need to complete and upload a short case for support which can be downloaded from IRAMS.

This call has a rolling deadline and applications will be reviewed termly.


For queries, please contact the MPLS divisional office.