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Open Access news

UKRI policy and briefings

Are you UKRI funded and need to know how to comply from 1st April 2022?  Join the Open Scholarship Librarian and other experts to learn about the new policy during these sessions we shall: Step you through the changes and new requirements. Provide links to further UKRI information and guidance. Let you know where to find help at Oxford and answer as many questions as we can. Sign up for the UKRI Policy briefing.

Online resources

Here’s a selection of online resources now available to University members.

The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS)

Not sure which resources to consult for an essay or for understanding the current knowledge of a topic for a research question?  Try Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS) features over 4,600 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and citable articles spanning the entire spectrum of the life sciences. ELS articles are written by leaders in the field to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of each subject area. ELS is updated with new articles on a monthly basis.

Birds of the World

Looking for in depth information about a particular bird species or family? Try Birds of the World. Birds of the World is a powerful research database that brings together deep, scholarly content from four celebrated works of ornithology, Birds of North America, Handbook of Birds of the World, Neotropical Birds and Bird Families of the World, with millions of bird observations from eBird and multimedia from the Macaulay Library into a single platform where biologists and birders can explore comprehensive life history information on birds.

ASTM Compass

ASTM Compass includes standards and technical information for engineering disciplines – including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.

Library services

RSL at the VHL

All of our physical libraries are now operating as normal, with walk-in access (no bookings required) to a full range of collections, study environments, standard opening hours, and daily deliveries from the Book Storage Facility. Service updates are summarised on the Bodleian Libraries website. All remaining necessary COVID-19 measures are in place for readers and library staff and some libraries are able to provide areas of socially distanced seats to support those readers who may be clinically vulnerable or anxious about social distancing. The RSL at VHL is therefore operating with pre-COVID levels of service, including the reader breakout room with a freshly stocked snacks and drinks vending machine. No social distancing is in place amongst most of the reader desks in the VHL, but there are some areas of the library where 1m+ distancing is in place between study spaces.

Scanning on library photocopiers

Scanning is now free of charge when using Bodleian Libraries PCAS (Print, copy and scan) machines.

Meet with your Subject Librarian

If you have questions about how to use any of our services and resources, remember that you can always book a one-to-one meeting with your Subject or Outreach Librarian. For contact details, please see:


The Bodleian iSkills workshops develop your skills in information discovery and scholarly communications, covering a variety of resources across a wide range of disciplines. They are primarily aimed at University of Oxford students and staff and, for particular workshops, Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) staff.

Workshops cover:

  • Information discovery and searching for scholarly materials
  • Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero and Mendeley for managing references and formatting footnotes and bibliographies
  • Keeping up to date with new research
  • Measuring research impact
  • Understanding copyright and looking after your intellectual property
  • Open Access publishing and complying with funder mandates for open access
  • Managing your research data