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We are pleased to announce that Professor Mark Brouard has been appointed by the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Board, University of Oxford, as Head of the Department of Chemistry for a period of five years with effect from 1 September.

Professor Brouard is the current Head of the Physical and Theoretical Laboratory, and a member of the Chemistry Management Board as well as the Chair of the Athena SWAN committee.

Research in the Brouard Group is concerned with studying the mechanisms of simple gas phase reactions using polarized laser pump and probe (flash photolysis) techniques. Experiments fall under three main categories: Reaction Dynamics, Photodissociation Dynamics, and Imaging Mass Spectrometry. 

Read more about the Brouard Research Group here. 

In collaboration with Professor Claire Vallance, Professor Brouard has also created the PImMS (Pixel Imaging Mass Spectrometry) sensor, 'the fastest camera in the world', used to detect particles. Watch a video about PImMS.

A Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry at Jesus College, Oxford, Professor Mark Brouard read Chemistry at Wadham College, then took his DPhil from Linacre College under the supervision of Professor M J Pilling.