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An Oxford DPhil candidate has won the student award in the British Ecological Society Photographic Competition for the second year in a row.

Leejiah Dorward, a conservation researcher in the University's Department of Zoology, won the overall student prize for his stunning image of a flap-necked chameleon, taken in Tanzania and titled 'I see you'.

Leejiah also won category awards for three of his other photographs.


Venomous vine
'Venomous Vine' - Leejiah's winning picture in the Dynamic Ecosystems category



Home sweet home
'Home sweet home' - Leejiah's winning picture in the Ecology and Society category



Shivering sylph
'Shivering sylph' - Leejiah's winning picture in the Individuals and Populations category



I see you
'I see you' - Leejiah's overall winning picture