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The Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing Centre for Doctoral Training (OxICFM CDT) is a new £10.4m EPSRC-funded centre which will train the next generation of synthesis scientists.

OxICFM is centred in the Department of Chemistry, and integrates faculty from the Departments of Materials, Physics and Engineering Science, both in its training programme and in collaborative projects.

The new CDT offers a fully-funded four year course comprised of taught courses and a 42-month substantive research project. It brings together over forty academics, ten industrial partners (spanning diverse size ranges), and seventeen international centres of excellence in synthetic inorganic chemistry.

The focus is on inorganic synthesis - spanning length scales from molecular to nano-scale and extended materials - and the goal is to equip and enable a new generation of scientists capable of addressing critical societal challenges.

For more information see the CDT website at