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The award is in recognition of Professor Bradley's achievements in the field of Advanced Materials Science.

none © Image credit: E-MRS

Professor Bradley was previously Head of MPLS Division, and is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Physics and at the Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR). He received the 2019 Jan Czochralski Award in a ceremony in Warsaw, Poland, and as a Czochralski laureate also delivered a lecture entitled "Tuning Conjugated Polymer Electronic and Optical Properties via Physical Structure and Environment".

The Czochralski Award is given in honour of world-renowned chemist Jan Czochralski. One of his most important discoveries was the technology for growing single crystals, now known as the Czochralski Method. The method is used for example for the growth of the single crystals of germanium and silicon which are the basis of a vast range of modern electronic equipment and devices.

"It's a tremendous honour to be recognised by this award," Professor Bradley said. "Jan Czochralski is Poland's most highly cited academic and the inventor of a process that has had a profound impact not only on science but on computing in general - and also the way we communicate as human beings. To be honoured in his name is a wonderful privilege."