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Space Travel Across the Decades and Beyond

Panel discussion Physics

Friday, 26 February 2021, 5pm to 7pm

A discussion panel with Dr Jim Green (Chief Scientist, NASA), Professor Günther Hasinger (Director of Science, European Space Agency), Professor Mikhail Marov (Former Scientific Secretary of the Soviet Space Council) and Professor Gu Yidong (Chief Scientist, China Manned Space Programme). Organised by the St Cross College HAPP Centre.

2021 Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture: Professor Dame Julia Higgins on 'Seeing is Believing'

Engineering Lecture Materials science Women

Thursday, 04 March 2021, 6pm to 7pm

Professor Dame Higgins will take us inside the secret world of polymers, showing us how the cunning use of neutron scattering can allow us to ‘see’ the way that molecules in rubbery polymers give rise to their strechiness, bounciness, or stickiness. This event will also form part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival.

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshop 2021 (CW21)

Computer science Engineering Equality and Diversity

Tuesday, 30 March 2021 to Thursday, 01 April 2021

The Collaborations Workshop series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, policy makers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software.