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This event will appeal to academics, researchers and DPhil students across the MPLS Division who would like to find out how you can undertake consultancy activity as an integral part of your research whilst at the University and to hear more about how to engage with the IRP Business Development Team based within the Division.

This event aims to accomplish the following:

  • How OUI’s Consulting Services can help you from start to finish of a consultancy project
  • For you to learn how you can benefit your career
  • Demonstrate impact and generate some personal income
  • Examples of the types of consultancy work that you can undertake
  • How to find the organisations that might want to access your expertise
  • The key things that the University needs you to be aware of when undertaking consultancy
  • How much should I charge for my expertise
  • How The IRP team works across the many Departments within the Division
  • Connecting you to Industry partners
  • Our specialists’ areas illustrated by case studies


Gurinder Punn (Consulting Services, Oxford University Innovation Ltd.)

Dawn Gordon (Consulting Services, Oxford University Innovation Ltd.)

Dr Deborah Spencer (Industrial Research Partnerships - Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

Dr Simon Jackman (Industrial Research Partnerships - Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division)


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