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Ever wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look at your code, or to track down a bug? The Oxford Code Review Network (OxCRN) makes it easy for researchers at all levels, from students to senior professors, to engage in regular code reviews, both as reviewers and code authors.

If you are interested in OxCRN, but not sure how to get started, this event is for you! OxCRN welcomes researchers at all level, from graduate students to senior professors, so feel free to share this with your colleagues.

Dr Thibault Lestang will introduce OxCRN, describing what it is all about and how to participate.


  • Introduction to OxCRN
  • Goals and roadmap
  • Short code review demo
  • How to get involved
  • Open discussion

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Organised by the Oxford Research Software Engineering group and Reproducible Research Oxford. 

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