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At this meeting we will announce and celebrate the 2021 MPLS ED&I Award winners, provide an update on the divisional ED&I action plan and update on our plans and priorities for the Long Vac and into next year.

Please do join us if you are able: register for the ED&I Town Hall.

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Human-Machine Collaboration Conference

Tuesday, 25 January 2022, 10am to 5pm

Recent advances in AI, machine learning and robotics means that machines of all varieties are embedded in our everyday lives. An increasing number of interactions in our work, social and family lives are now collaborations with machines. This conference will showcase the results of ground-breaking research and innovation carried out at the University of Oxford in this field. It will present the most recent results from the Human-Machine Collaboration Programme, supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Can We Talk About Race? A Conversation between Beverly Daniel Tatum and Baroness Valerie Amos

Tuesday, 16 November 2021, 2pm to 3pm

Walk into any racially mixed secondary school and you will see young people clustered in their own groups according to race. Is this self-segregation a problem to address or a coping strategy? Beverly Daniel Tatum guides us through how racial identity develops. In-person event at the Rothermere American Institute.

Space @ Oxford Week - relaunch event

Monday, 22 November 2021 to Friday, 26 November 2021

A series of 10 one-hour online lunchtime and early evening sessions across the week, introducing the breadth and different flavours of current or recent space research happening across the University of Oxford. Hosted by Prof Neil Bowles (Professor of Planetary Science & Space @ Oxford Chair) and Dr Simon Jackman (Senior Innovation Fellow, MPLS Division).

Queerness in SciComm: A Primer

Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 2.30pm to 3.30pm

With Dr. Kerry Spencer Pray who teaches Scientific Communication at Stevenson University, in Owings Mills Maryland, US.

Women in STEM networking event

Monday, 01 February 2021, 6pm to 8.30pm

The Women in STEM networking event will be run virtually this year. It is a chance to meet Oxford's Women in Science, Engineering and Maths societies, speak with inspiring women and find out more about the many University support networks available.