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Part of the AIBotics 2020 webinar series.The University of Oxford is the host of this first webinar on ‘Human-Machine Collaboration’, in partnership with the Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association.

AIBotics event banner

Webinar time is 1pm to 4pm Singapore time (GMT+8).


  • Sir Nigel Shadbolt (University of Oxford/Open Data Institute)
  • Prof Nick Hawes (University of Oxford)
  • Prof Marcelo Ang (NUS)
  • Prof Niki Trigoni (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Yau Wei Yun (A*STAR)
  • Prof Marina Jirotka (University of Oxford)
  • Mr Oliver Tian (Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association / International Alliance of Robotics Association)
  • Prof Ingmar Posner (University of Oxford)
  • Prof David Hsu (NUS)

The Oxford – Singapore Human-Machine Collaboration Initiative (HMC) is an international university-industry-investment collaboration. This programme is multidisciplinary: driven by computer and engineering sciences, and utilises the enabling technologies of artificial intelligence & robotics. 

We aim to revolutionize the approach to world-leading research, education, innovation and commercialisation in AI and robotics by providing a platform for a large-scale, international research-innovation-venture collaboration. 

As a catalyst, this initiative will not only advance solutions in artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems, it will produce a new generation of highly trained researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. They will be the evangelists for the human-machine collaboration technologies, the AI tools and high-performance computing platforms in transformational technologies. They will create value and increase productivity in HighTech logistic and emergency response services, EdTech, ScienceTech, GovTech, InsureTech, LegalTech, HealthTech, SpaceTech, CreaTech, SustainTech and RetailTech solutions. 

Please contact for more information and collaboration opportunities. 

Please see the webinar programme for full details and registration link, or scan the QR code below.

AIBotics QR code for registration

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