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FAIRer Resources for FAIRer Data

Engineering Research

Open access Nature Biotechnology article shows role FAIRsharing plays in maximising visibility and adoption of standards, databases and repositories

Creating chemical systems with lifelike properties

Chemistry Research

Researchers in the Department of Chemistry have designed and created a simple, chemical system which displays some of the emergent properties of lifelike systems. This work could contribute towards the design of new materials and machines with lifelike properties: those which replicate, adapt and evolve.

Science Blog: Mathematical models developed for the oil industry may transform the way we bring stroke drugs to market

Engineering Medical science Research

11-17 March 2019 is Brain Awareness Week. Here, Dr Wahbi El-Bouri from the Department of Engineering Science discusses how his group's research into modelling blood flow in the brain could speed up the development of stroke drugs.

Science Blog: Scientist who made proteins float in soap bubbles wins top prize

Award Chemistry Research

The 2019 Novozymes Prize of DKK 3 million is being awarded to Professor Dame Carol Robinson at the Department of Chemistry for her scientific breakthroughs in use of mass spectrometry for proteome analysis. Her methods are widely used in the biotech industry and have contributed to identifying both new protein drugs and new drug targets.

Oxford sparks launch new podcast: why should we cuddle?

Oxford Sparks Zoology

In this episode of the Oxford Sparks 'Big Questions' podcast they visited the Department of Zoology to find out about Lemurs and why they cuddle....

DPhil student’s “unique and special work” wins prize at Washington Conference

Award Engineering

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) has bestowed one of their highest honours, the SLAS Innovation Award 2019, on Cristian Soitu, a DPhil student at the University of Oxford (Harris Manchester College).

Galaxy Zoo wins the RAS Group Achievement Award

Award Citizen science

The Royal Astronomical Society has given the Galaxy Zoo team – including the volunteers who have made the project the success it is – their Group Achievement Award for 2019.

Science Blog: Asking sensitive questions in the field of conservation

Research Zoology

Amy Hinsley from the Department of Zoology writes about a new way of looking at conservation and human behaviour.

Oxford Sparks launch new podcast asking: Should I be Vegan?

Oxford Sparks Public Engagement

If you have been in a supermarket recently you will have noticed it, all of a sudden all of the shelves have become more vegan friendly.

Science blog: New Optical Memory Cell Achieves Record Data-Storage Density

Materials science

A new device could enable computers that use optics and electrical signals to interact with data

SCIENCE BLOG: Tuning into the sounds of Mars

Physics Research

A UK instrument, co-designed by the University of Oxford, has captured the first sounds ever recorded directly from Mars.

Oxford Sparks Animation Competition Winners Announced

Oxford Sparks

This year Oxford Sparks repeated a competition for a research group to be in with a chance of winning an opportunity to make an animation, for free.

Geckos walk on water – we filmed them to find out how


Jasmine Nirody, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Biophysics, University of Oxford writes in the Conversation...

Quantum Technologies Showcase 2018: Turning science into technology and products


Earlier this month the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) UK National Quantum Technology Hubs successfully delivered the third annual Quantum Technologies Showcase, demonstrating the technological progress emerging from the national research programme.

Oxford Sparks new podcast episode: Can you hack an aeroplane?

Oxford Sparks

Oxford Sparks visited Computer Scientist Martin Strohmeier to find out this episodes big question...

For the first time we’ve looked at every threatened bird in Australia side-by-side

The Conversation Zoology

Molly K Grace, Postdoctoral Fellow in Zoology, University of Oxford, writes in The Conversation...

Influencing European research data policies

Over the last decade, the availability and scale of scholarly digital products -such as datasets, algorithms, software and scholarly articles- has grown considerably. To meet the expectations of governments, funders and publishers, new mechanisms are needed to ensure greater transparency and reuse of research data, as well as greater access to and preservation of the data that supports research findings. New policies and practices are being discussed and developed at national and European levels.

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