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Polly Bunce, Academic Appointments Officer in MPLS, is an accomplished artist in her spare time. She currently has an exhibition at Broad Canvas art shop on Broad Street.

Shiny apples and berries

I draw and paint very detailed illustrations using pencil, pen and ink or watercolours. In 2012 I started a two year Botanical Illustration Diploma in Chelsea and achieved a merit. Drawing has been something I have loved since childhood. I studied A-Level art and found my strengths lay in accuracy and detail. After finishing University I started drawing again and became interested in Botanical Art due to my love of nature.

I love painting fruits – particularly shiny apples and berries! I have sold paintings during Oxfordshire Art Weeks and have taken on a few commissions. I also sell greetings cards with prints of my artwork. In addition to the current exhibition I hope to have more exhibitions, get a good website developed to replace my blog and would like take on more commissions. I am enjoying this project so perhaps that’s a good idea for future business!

Polly’s blog:

The exhibition takes place until 10 October.