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Oxford Sparks announces animation competition winners...

Competition winners announced oxford sparks
Before Christmas 2017, Oxford Sparks ran a competition for two research groups to be in with a chance of winning an opportunity to make an animation with them, for free.
The winning application would receive a two minute animation produced on their research, a teaching resources pack designed for secondary science teachers related to the animation, and promotion of the animation via their social media channels.
The two successful candidates were:
1. the Oxford Drug Discovery Unit submitted by Keely Jones and John Davis (Medical Sciences), which will explore the research the unit is doing with drugs targeting to beat Alzheimer’s disease.
2. Brooke Johnson from Earth Sciences (MPLS division), which will explore the interesting work done on exploring the Earth and life 1.4 billion years ago.
The winning applicants will now work with Oxford Sparks to produce their animations which will be launched later this year.
Here’s an example of an animation they produce:

What makes you tick: Circadian Rhythms 

Made with - Dr Christopher-James Harvey, education and outreach officer at Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Medical Sciences Division
What is Oxford Sparks?
Oxford Sparks is a public-facing online project that aims to bring alive the University's science research for wider public audiences. Through a diverse range of digital content and activities they:
  • Showcase and explain research
  • Show who researchers are and what they do
  • Provide a space to discuss and engage with research
Find out more via or find out more about producing an animation with them via: