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A fascinating talk from a NASA expert was the highlight of an Oxford University event aimed at sharing world-changing academic research with the local community.

Dr Jaiwon Shin from NASA’s aeronautics programme explored how the technological revolution is changing the way we think about aviation: from managing the increasing number of drones in our skies to the prospect of supersonic commercial planes and – an old favourite of science fiction – the ability to fly instead of drive.

The talk forms part of the first MPLS Lecture Series called Oxford Sparks LIVE, where visitors had the chance to meet some of the University’s leading researchers and see the exciting work being done at Oxford across the mathematical, physical and life sciences.

The event was held at Oxford’s Mathematical Institute and was free and open to the public.

Organiser Dr Neil Ashton, from the University’s Department of Engineering Science, said: ‘We wanted to create a public lecture series that would allow non-academics to see the sort of research that is being undertaken at the University, as well as some of the companies and organisations that we work closely with.

‘This is the first event in a series of talks that is going to showcase the exciting research being carried out at the University. What better way to kick off this new series than hearing from NASA about their plans for future aviation? This is something that many Oxford academics are working with NASA to achieve.’

Watch the lecture here:

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