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Five Oxford students, including Eden Tanner from Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, have received Vice-Chancellor's Social Impact Awards.

Eden is in her second year of studying for a DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. She has served as Middle Common Room (MCR) President and Graduate Women's Officer at Oxford University Students' Union (OUSU) and acted as co-chair of 'It Happens Here', the OUSU campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence in Oxford. She was instrumental in organising sexual consent workshops for first-year students at Oxford this year as one of three people qualified to train the 400 facilitators. She has also secured funding to produce a First Response App to provide confidential and accessible resources for those who need it.

The annual awards recognise students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in commitment to voluntary and charitable work, and social entrepreneurship. The awards are run in collaboration with the Oxford Hub, a student-led organisation that aims to transform students’ involvement with social and environmental challenges in Oxford and around the world.

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