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Hosted by the University's Department of Engineering Science, an Australian themed Lubbock Day marked the biggest turnout in the event's history, attracting more than 350 representatives from industry, academia, the University’s alumni community, government, and Oxfordshire schools.

The Day included the 41st Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture, titled Rise of the Machines which was delivered by Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS, as well as two mini-lectures, the fourth year project competition, an exhibition about robotics and a Lotus F1 car on display.

Professor Durrant-Whyte talked about the development of the robotics industry in Australia, the science that has made this possible and the impact this is having in key industry sectors such as mining and agriculture. He highlighted the increasing use of data in these sectors, for predictive analytics and for decision making. He said, 'Together sensor data fusion and predictive analytics are building a future of autonomous and remote operation of whole industries in Australia. This disruption is creating new businesses in robotics, data science and autonomous decision making – this will impact the future of the economy and society in Australia and internationally'.