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Professor Chris Lintott of the Department of Physics has received the Institute of Physics Kelvin Medal 2015 for his contributions to public engagement with science via television and the Zooniverse citizen science platform. 

Zooniverse is the world’s most successful platform for citizen science, enabling more than one million people to participate in the process of scientific discovery. Professor Lintott has been responsible for astronomical projects, including Galaxy Zoo and Planet Hunters, and the more recent Higgs Hunters (in collaboration with the ATLAS team).

Zooniverse projects, which make use of the human ability to excel at pattern recognition, have contributed to more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, including many that involve citizen scientists as co-authors. The projects also have real educational impact.

Since 2003 Professor Lintott has been a co-presenter on the BBC’s The Sky at Night programme, with viewing figures exceeding 500,000 a month. He led the show's coverage of the Philae landing on a comet, resulting in an hour-long special broadcast just four days after the landing. 

Find out more on the Institute of Physics website.