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Congratulations to the MPLS academics whose pioneering work has been recognised in The Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Queen's Birthday Honours 2017
Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Professor Katherine Blundell OBE, and Professor Alison Etheridge OBE

Professor Charles Godfray, FRS, Hope Professor of Zoology, Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, and Fellow of Jesus College, is knighted for services to scientific research and for scientific advice to government. Sir Charles is a population biologist whose work involves ecology, evolution and epidemiology. He is also interested in the interplay of science and policy, especially in the areas of the environment and food security. His research interests include those insects such as mosquitoes which spread human diseases, how they may be controlled using modern genetic interventions, what the ecological consequences of removing them from the environment may be, and the population genetics and population dynamics involved. He is also works on food system dynamics and how one can simultaneously explore the health, environmental and economic consequences of different food system policies. With Professor Susan Jebb, he leads the Wellcome Trust's LEAP (Livestock, Environment and People) project to explore the multiple effects of meat, dairy and other 'animal-sourced foods' on food system dynamics, human health, and the environment. In the field of policy, he, with Professor Angela McLean, leads the Restatements project which aims to provide succinct summaries of the scientific evidence around highly contentious topics such as bovine tuberculosis, neonicotinoid insecticides, ecosystem manipulation to control flooding, and low dose effects of ionising radiation. He is Chair of Defra’s Science Advisory Council, a Trustee Director of Rothamsted Research and a trustee of the Food Foundation, and sits on a number of other scientific advisory committees. His previous roles include Trustee of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, President of the British Ecological Society, and Chair of the Lead Expert Group of the UK Government’s Foresight Project on the Future of Food and Farming.

Professor Katherine Blundell, Professor of Astrophysics and Fellow of St John's College, is appointed OBE for services to astronomy and the education of young people. Professor Blundell’s research interests span a broad range of topics. She has published extensively on the evolution of active galaxies and their life cycles, on the accretion of material near black holes and the launch and propagation of relativistic jets. She is the founder of Global Jet Watch, a network of five observatories in strategic locations around the world: one each in South Africa, Chile and India and one on each side of Australia. Four of the five are sited at boarding schools where students, particularly girls, are encouraged to use the telescopes in their learning. After local bedtime at each location, she operates the telescopes remotely, over the internet, to gather more data on evolving objects in our Galaxy. Professor Blundell said: 'I'm delighted to receive this honour. It is a pleasure to thank the University of Oxford for their support throughout my career and all the other wonderful supporters of the Global Jet Watch project. This project enables unique science by providing round-the-clock astrophysical measurements of jets from black holes in our Galaxy with a network of telescopes deployed around the globe. In the process, it engages young people in developing countries into science.'

Professor Alison Etheridge, FRS, Professor of Probability at the Mathematical Institute and the Department of Statistics and Fellow of Magdalen College, is appointed OBE for services to science. Professor Etheridge's graduate work focused on functional analysis and, from there, she rapidly became interested in the interface between probability and analysis. Much of her work focuses on infinite dimensional stochastic processes and their applications. Most recently her central interest has been a collection of mathematical problems arising in population genetics.

Bernard Taylor, DL, Deputy Steward of the University, who has served on a number of University committees past and present, is appointed CBE for services to business, education and the arts. Bernard is an external member of the MPLS Board, and long-standing supporter of Oxford science and innovation.

Story courtesy of the University of Oxford news Office. For the full story on all Oxford academics who received honours, see