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Staff and students attended the University of Oxford’s Sustainability Showcase 2016 on 15 June to celebrate their achievements throughout the year.

Members from across the collegiate University were recognised for their efforts in making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson attended the evening and spoke about taking a holistic approach to social and environmental sustainability.

Professor Richardson also highlighted the need to take a long-term view of the environment and to think about the legacy left for future generations. Praising the efforts of staff and students the Vice-Chancellor said: ‘There’s an extraordinary amount of work going on across the University, which is really exciting’.

More than 50 awards were announced demonstrating the huge commitment of staff and students to this important area of work.

The MPLS Divisional Office won a Bronze Award for their efforts.  Former MPLS head of communication Carolyne Culver, who led the Divisional Office's Green Impact team said, 'We were thrilled to achieve a bronze award in the first year of our participation in the Green Impact project. Eight members of staff were actively involved in the project, encouraging their colleagues to adopt more sustainable practices in the Divisional Office. I hope the team can win a silver award next year!'