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The 2016 MPLS teaching awards were announced on Tuesday 12th July as part of the MPLS Summer Reception.


Nominations came from students and staff and all the nominees could have been worthy winners but the awarding panel chose six to receive awards.

The winners, announced by Professor Robert Taylor (Associate Head of Division (Academic)) were as follows:


Project Award for an innovative, high-quality proposal for a project related to teaching:

Dr David Johnson – Senior Research Associate, OERC

David plans to run a trial to demonstrate the potential for using "Quantified Self" technology in teaching data science related topic areas. He proposes to give students wearable activity tracker devices as a pre-study activity and aggregate the data to use for in-class data analysis exercises and discussion.

We look forward to seeing the results of this innovative trial and how it can be used in teaching across the division.


Individual Awards for excellence in teaching:

  • Dr Vicky Neale – Whitehead Lecturer, Mathematical Institute
  • Mr Eric Peasley – Teaching and Design Engineer, Engineering Science
  • Professor Caroline Terquem – Professor of Physics, Physics
  • Dr Helen Johnson – Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  • Dr Jonathan Burton – Associate Professor, Chemistry

Further details on the award winners and the awards scheme in general can be found here.