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Academics from the science area celebrated success in the recent 'Research Excellence Framework' and the achievements of this year's MPLS Impact Award winners.

Last night's MPLS Winter Party was a great success. Head of Division Alex Halliday outlined the achievements of the departments in the Research Excellence Framework assessment exercise.

Susannah Speller from Materials made a presentation about her research using superconductors, followed by Mike Bonsall from Zoology who outlined the highs and lows of mathematical biology using M&Ms as a prop! Eleanor Stride from Engineering Science provided us with an insight into her research work involving 'engineering bubbles' which deliver drugs to target areas of the body. The Vice Chancellor led a toast with Alex, congratulating everyone on achievements in the REF.

Charlotte Deane presented MPLS Impact Awards to Paul Bailey and Mike Dadd from Engineering Science (joint award), Terry Jones formerly of Engineering Science, Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner from Robotics (joint award), and Alex Rogers from Zoology.